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Homestay is the experience of a lifetime. It is one of the most popular accommodation options for international students studying in Australia. Students and families realise that it is the best way for them to improve their English language skills while living in a safe, friendly, family orientated study and living environment.

All of our host families are individually interview at their home by one of our homestay coordinators and selected to host students on their eagerness to share their home with an international student and their willingness to accept people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Staying with a homestay family is the ideal way to learn about your new environment and the Australian culture and its friendly people.

Because you will be living in someone else's home, you are expected to abide by the house rules as a member of the family. You will receive a list of house rules on arrival, please take the time to read and understand the rules and be sure to ask if you don't understand.

Responsibilities of the homestay family are to provide:

  • Single furnished room with bed, desk, chair, cupboard and linen for bed.
  • Access to all family living areas of the house, e.g. kitchen, laundry, lounge.
  • Three meals per day. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • General cleaning of room and bathroom areas
  • Involving the student in the family life.
  • An orientation of their local area e.g. shops, public transport locations, banks, post office ect.
  • Helping the student get to and from school on the first day of classes.
  • A written set of house rules clearly displayed for you to read and understand.
  • Notify Brisbane Homestay Services one week in advance if they wish to move out.

Responsibilities of the student are to:

  • Keep your room and bathroom clean and tidy.
  • Do your own washing and ironing.
  • Pay for all your local and international phone calls and any internet use.
  • Help with light duties around the house. (e.g. helping with dishes)
  • Pay for your public transport costs to and from school or college.
  • Notify the homestay family if you will not be home for a meal.
  • Pay for all toiletries and other personal expenses.
  • Pay for extra excursion costs.
  • Give the homestay family one weeks notice if you intend to move out.
  • Treat the families possessions with care, inform the family if you break anything and offer to pay for repairs.
  • Treat the family as your own with respect and good manners.

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