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Brisbane Homestay Services


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(All prices quoted below are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.)

Homestay Placement Fee is: $190.00
Airport Reception and Transfer to accommodation (optional): $100.00
Other Accommodation Booking Fee: $150.00

Accommodation fees vary depending on the age of the students, type of accommodation, the standard of accommodation and the location of the accommodation. The prices below are intended as a guide only and may vary depending on the above conditions.

  • HOMESTAY - Homestay students $190 - $250 per week.

  • RENTAL ACCOMMODATION -Units $165 - $400 per week.

  • SHARE ACCOMMODATION - Units $65 - $150 per week.
                                          - Houses $80 - $165 per week.

  • STUDENT HOUSES - $80 -$180 per week.

Please contact us if you have any special requirements or require any further information about accommodation.

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